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Jaco Kruger

After what seems to be a lifetime running from God and to everything trying to kill me, I had a amazing encounter with God and radical salvation. I then studied for Christian ministry and counselling, have been ordained since 2006 etc. but my heart has always been for God, prayer, ministering to God's children, mentoring and the prophetic. I don't want to be so "professional" that I miss God's heart, and some days that battle is with myself. I started this website in 2005 to share God's heart. I was involved with Pretoria Prayer Force, Unlimited Prayer Frontiers and other intercessory groups as a volunteer for several years. God lead me to start pray615.org in 2014 and this has been my focus, along with other intercessory projects, ministering to the Body and seeking His heart. In early 2015 the Lord lead my wife and I to start a "home church" for we felt Him leading us to come to a place of true fellowship with fellow believers. We also started "soaking sessions" monthly at our home. I will always gladly help anyone who needs an e-mail chat (or a coffee if you happen to find yourself in Centurion, South Africa). I want my Daddy's approval and favour to be enough for me, and hope it will stay this way.    View my books for sale on Amazon

Ilonka Kruger

My lovely wife was involved with Unlimited Prayer Frontiers, Pretoria Prayer Force and other intercessory groups as a volunteer for several years. She is my biggest support, my prayer cover, my soundboard, but above all my love and best friend. I am so proud of my wife who has a heart for God and His prophetic, a keen sense of God's heart, and a pure vision like I have seen in few people in my life. Like me, she has a heart for the nations and a passion for God, and for us, that seems to always be our driving force. We appreciate those that support our ministry in prayer, may God bless you abundantly.
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